In the Great Lakes State, visiting one of the 100+ Michigan cider mills is as quintessential to fall as tailgating an American football game, raking leaves into a huge pile, or eating pumpkin pie.

It’s no surprise considering Michigan is the third-largest apple producer in the United States. In fact, we have 11.3 million apple trees growing at our 825 family-run farms across the state!

Whether the Mitten is your home or you are visiting for a scenic fall foliage tour, sipping a cup of refreshing cider paired with a delicious doughnut at a cider mill is a rite of passage during a Michigan fall.

What is cider, you ask?

If you’re thinking it’s alcoholic, that’s hard cider, and we’ve got plenty of that in Michigan, too. You’ll even find it at some of our cider mills. What I’m talking about isn’t apple juice either. Cider is made purely from fresh apples. It also doesn’t go through a filtration process to remove pulp and sediment like apple juice, giving it a cloudy appearance and delightfully sweet flavor.

So, where can you find fresh apple cider this fall?

Good question! I’ve compiled a list of three of my favorite cider mills in Michigan.

In Metro Detroit: Franklin Cider Mill

Fresh apple cider and doughnuts are a Michigan fall tradition at Franklin Cider Mill in Metro Detroit's Bloomfield Township. (Erin Klema/The Epicurean Traveler)

Fresh apple cider and doughnuts are a Michigan fall tradition at Franklin Cider Mill in Metro Detroit’s Bloomfield Township. (Erin Klema/The Epicurean Traveler)

Originally opened in 1837 as a gristmill, Franklin Cider Mill is as old as Michigan’s statehood. Today the mill is a popular destination for its fresh cider made purely from Michigan apples and cinnamon spice doughnuts. You’ll also find a wide variety of Michigan apples, caramel and candy apples, honey, jams and butters, pumpkins, and baked goods.

Plug it into your GPS: 7450 Franklin Rd, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301

In Grand Rapids: Robinette’s Apple Haus & Winery

All smiles because I got apple cider and a cinnamon-sugar doughnut at Robinette's!

All smiles because I got apple cider and a cinnamon-sugar doughnut at Robinette’s!

In West Michigan, this cider mill has it all. Though it is open year-round, Robinette’s is truly a fall destination for all ages. There are hayrides, a kids’ play area, a corn maze, apple picking, and wine tasting. In the Apple Haus, you can drink your cider hot or cold and pair it with a variety of doughnuts. You’ll also find fresh fruit, apple butters, and caramel candies to take home.

Plug it into your GPS: 3142 4 Mile Rd NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525

In Central Michigan: Uncle John’s Cider Mill

Uncle John's Cider Mill

Riding through the apple orchard on a horse-drawn wagon offers scenic views of Uncle John’s Cider Mill’s sprawling property in St. Johns, Mich. (Erin Klema/The Epicurean Traveler)

About a 30-minute drive north of Michigan’s capital, Uncle John’s Cider Mill is a family-friendly day-trip destination from the Lansing area. Located in an old cattle barn, the cider mill offers fresh and mulled cider, doughnuts, and caramel apples. The pie barn has all the fresh baked pies and breads you could want. To round out all the fantastic fall fun are horse-drawn wagon rides, a kids’ play area, and tastings of wine, hard cider, and spirits.

Plug it into your GPS: 8614 US-127, St Johns, MI 48879

Resources For Michigan Cider Mills & Other Fall Activities

Pumpkins at Uncle John's Cider Mill (Erin Klema/The Epicurean Traveler)

Pumpkins at Uncle John’s Cider Mill (Erin Klema/The Epicurean Traveler)

There’s so much to do during a Michigan fall that I couldn’t possibly share it all in one post! Here are a few other ideas of things to do around the Mitten:

Honeycrisp apples at Robinette's Apple Haus in Grand Rapids

Fresh Honeycrisp apples for sale at Robinette’s Apple Haus in Grand Rapids (Erin Klema/The Epicurean Traveler)

Michigan Bloggers’ Fall Recipes To Use Those Cider-Mill Finds

In Michigan, we love our apples. Local food bloggers have shared these tasty fall recipes featuring apples, cider, and/or hard cider:

Where To Find These Michigan Cider Mills On The Map

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In Michigan, fall is apple cider season. This post shares three of Michigan's best cider mills. Via

Which of these Michigan cider mills would you like to visit this fall? If you aren’t from Michigan, what is a quintessential fall activity in your area?









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